My Skins Game World Championship

Will be aired on Golf Channel

The coolest new golf tour in the world, just got even cooler! We are making history and you have a chance to be a part of it! We have become the 1st Non Major tour in golf history to have our World Championship picked up by the Golf Channel! That's right! Our 2015 World Championship will be televised Nationwide on the Golf Channel. Tour President, Brad Peterson has called this, "A monumental breakthrough for our tour," while also citing that this opportunity, "...will bring our tour to the world in a way that we could have only dreamed of at such a young stage in our tour's existence!"

If you or someone you know would like to have the opportunity to compete for over $100,000.00 in our Nationally Televised World Championship please contact the tour at or simply call us at 210-892-0663 to find out how you can qualify or possibly be able to directly buy into this years ground breaking event!

Over $158,000.00+ Paid out in 2014!

2014 Tour Payouts Thus Far

The My Skins Game Mini Tour

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2014 POY Standings

Pos Player Name Points
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LEADER Bryan Novoa 31194
-1062.85 Chris Hunsucker 30131.15
-2136.25 Carson Gibson 29057.75
-2176.17 Jeff Burns 29017.83
-2825.75 Carlo Grever 28368.25

2014 Money List

Pos Player Name Earnings
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1 Jeff Burns $22,675.35
2 Gilbert Mendez $20,003.99
3 Brian Ziarnick $18,690.00
4 Michael Muniz $18,100.00
5 Bryan Novoa $13,938.39

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  • GolfTEC
  • Colonial Life
  • SCOR Short Game Intelligence
  • Golfsmith
  • CGP
  • JC Fodale
  • Union Pacific
  • Rolling Oaks Golf Club
  • Better Consumer Choices
  • Time Warner Cable

2014 POY - Bryan Novoa

Bryan Novoa Wins 2014 POY

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Tour Ambassador

Rick Barry Golf Tour Ambassador

We are honored to name Legendary NBA Hall-of-Famer, Rick Barry as our Tour's Ambassador

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Most Common Questions

Does your tour use handicaps?

Absolutely not! Everything we do is straight up! That's what makes it so cool that in our inaugural event we had an 11 AND 13 Handicap BOTH win money!

What happens if I can't play in all of the events?

That's not a problem at all. Play as few or as many events as you would like. Keep in mind though, that the more events you play, the better chance you have of making the Tour Championship!

If I join in Houston can I play events in other cities?

Yes, however you will need to get a membership in each city you'd like to play in AND you can ONLY earn Player of the Year points in 1 city.

Can we use a caddy? Can we use a range finder?

Yes and Yes to both questions.

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